Are you a tree hugger? Interested in improving and maintaining our urban forest? Want to make a difference in our community?


The South Euclid Tree Commission is working on an update to our Urban Forest Management Plan. You're welcome to come to meetings, which are posted on the website.


There are ways to keep stormwater from flooding your street and your basement.

One way is to manage the stuff on your property. A lot of our homes were built on wetlands, so the land stays wet because that's what kind of soil we have.

One thing you can do is put in a raingarden, an area planted with perennials that do well in wet or dry soil. Then you can divert the rain from one or more of your downspouts into the garden instead of letting it overload the storm sewer.

Another thing is to plant trees, which suck up a lot of water.

Click on the image at left to download the Rain Garden Manual or pick one up at our building department.



Keeping streams clean

If you live along a stream, plant trees next to it. They'll cut down on flooding and erosion, and protect the stream.

If you don't, PICK UP LITTER BEFORE IT WASHES INTO THE SEWER. Everything on the street eventually makes its way to Euclid Creek, Nine Mile Creek, or Dugway Brook, and then to Lake Erie. So that pop bottle or cigar wrapper winds up at Euclid Beach.



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